What is the Fair Rubber Association:



The Fair Rubber Association links farms that produce a natural rubber that meets the Fair Rubber Association criteria of Fair Trade Rubber and Rubber Product Manufacturers.


The Fair Rubber Association allows us to buy natural rubber from a fair supply at the Green Net Cooperative in southern Thailand.



The Green Net Cooperative is a "Service Cooperative" registered with the Ministry of Agriculture since 1993.


It is a social enterprise that works for the promotion of organic farming and fair trade.

Green Net, is a cooperative producing certified organic coconut and Fairly Traded rubber.

Buying our rubber through Fair Rubber Associations helps to ensure better living conditions for worker

The special importance of fair trade:

Making sure that the Fair Trade premium of 0.50 EUR / kg DRC (Dry Rubber Content) has not only been paid but spent according to Fair Rubber Association regulations.

Farmers themselves retain only 30% of the fair trade premium, 20% are retained to strengthen the cooperative - and 50% are awarded to workers who harvest the rubber.

Farmers will share the benefits of fair trade with people who harvest rubber, often they are migrant workers.

Green Net rubber will go in the flip flops:

Last year, two members of the Fair Rubber Association bought rubber from the cooperative.

It was used to produce flip flops with the brand Hippobloo (France) and another brand in (USA)


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